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Functional, Rugged Device Mounts

Practical rugged device mounts make your driving experience more efficient.

Adjustable. Effective. Secure.

We are obsessed with the user experience, quality and design.



    • flexsuctiongen3web3-95156.1451917972.600.600.jpg

      Flex Suction

      The Flex Suction has been designed to meet the needs of truckers and attaches securely to any glass windshield, side window, or other smooth surface.

    • compactsuction2017web2-07821.1485466870.600.6004.jpg

      Compact Suction

      The Sport Mount Compact Suction Cup is for truckers who want to mount their iPad or other device off a glass windshield or other smooth surface while using the least amount of space.

    • newclipweb1-15385.1466030945.600.600.jpg

      Flex Clip

      The Flex Clip has been designed to meet the needs of truckers and is the first and only mount that you can secure anywhere with four screws of an AMPs pattern or with semi-permanent VHB adhesive.

    • dualmicroweb7-49956.1472657559.600.6006.jpg

      Rapid Charger
      DualMicro 12-28V

      The DualMicro is the top of the line DC charger for 12-28 volt systems. The USB ports on this device feature Rapid Charge technology, which allows you to fully charge 2 full-sized tablet devices in no time at all.

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